Why aerating is good for your lawn

Savannah Eco Mowing strives to offer a variety of lawn care services that will help make your lawn healthier and lower maintenance, while being safe for the environment. Aeration fits right in with this ideal as it very seldomly needs to be done, and benefits your lawn with very little environmental impact.

Aeration involves removing small cores of soil throughout the lawn, allowing water, air, and nutrients to fill the holes and get into the soil and root system more easily, reduces compaction, and encourages root growth. Aeration also helps drainage, reducing runoff and puddling. Basically, Aeration is an aspect of organic lawn care and landscaping that will help your lawn become healthier and hardier.

It is only necessary to aerate your lawn every other year, and you can rent an aerator and do it yourself, or hire a professional lawn care service such as Savannah Eco Mowing to do it for you. Aeration should be done just before that growing season for the grass, which in Savannah, GA where warm season grasses are common, is in the Spring.