Lawn Mowing with Battery Power

In the past, maintaining your lawn meant noisy, smelly, polluting gas mowers. Fortunately, there are a variety of cordless battery powered mowers on the market today that will do a good job mowing your lawn. With these rechargeable mowers you’ll spend less money on lawn care over time. No need to buy gas, oil, or spark plugs and electric mowers don’t require yearly tune ups. The cost of recharging the batteries is negligible compared to the cost of gas. They also start more reliably and with a push of a button, as opposed to yanking a cord over and over just trying to start your mower so you can mow the lawn. They are also much quieter than gas mowers, which is one reason people like lawn care services that use electric equipment, such as Savannah Eco Mowing.

Although many people might not realize it, lawn care is a significant contributor to air pollution, especially in cities. According to the EPA, emissions from lawn mowers contribute almost one third of the total air pollution in metropolitan areas such as Savannah, and five to ten percent overall. While the batteries still require electricity, they create significantly less pollution overall. If you have a small lawn you could also consider a reel mower, which create no emissions at all. Whether you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional lawn care service, battery powered mowers are a quiet, eco friendly way to mow your lawn.