Green Lawn Mowers

There are many different types of mowers available today, and depending upon your lawn, some will be better suited to your needs than others. 

For people with small lawns who like to mow often,  a reel mower might do the trick.  Reel mowers are the best for the environment, as they create no emissions.  They are also good for your lawn, as they don’t tare the grass as much as rotary mowers when cutting, making the lawn less susceptible to disease.  The drawbacks are that they can be hard to push if the grass is thick, and they will not cut grass or weeds that have grown too high. 

Electric mowers are another eco friendly option.  They are available in corded or battery operated models.  Many have removable batteries that you can take inside and charge after you are done mowing.  The electricity will cost you a lot less than gas, and electric mowers reduce emissions as the pollution generated at the power plant creating the electricity for the battery or mower is significantly less than what a gas mower would emit.  Most electric models are  not quite as powerful as gas versions, but keeping the blades sharp will improve results.  Other advantages are that they require no tune ups,  run quieter, and start with the push of a button. 

If you have a large lawn and need to get a riding or zero turn mower for your lawn, there are more and more eco friendly options becoming available.  There are electric, propane, and mowers that will run on biodiesel available. 

Of course, if you are too busy to mow yourself, you can still go green and hire Savannah Eco Mowing and get a reliable, professional, eco friendly lawn care service.