Benefits Of Regular Mowing

Having your lawn mowed regularly has a variety of benefits that go beyond the obvious neat and appealing look of a freshly cut lawn. It also helps keep your lawn healthy in a few different ways.

Cutting your lawn down to a uniform length on a regular basis helps the lawn grow more uniformly and consistantly, because all areas of the lawn have equal access to sun and water.  Another benifit is that over time, the plants that recover most quickly from each mowing will thrive and grow the most, making the overall lawn more hardy and healthy.

It also helps combat many weeds, because cutting the seedhead off weeds is more traumatic than cutting the tips off the blades of grass. This is especially true if you mow often enough so that you are removing no more than 1/3 of the total legnth of the grass. This allowes the grass to recover more easily than the weeds.

Another advantage is that, if you use a mulching mower, the part of the grass that is cut gets mulched into small pieces which fall back into the soil and become a good natural fertilizer.

Mowing regularly also means that debris gets picked up, and leaves that fall on the lawn can be mulched up before accumulating to the point where it becomes a big cleanup job.