What to do with leaves – Fall lawn maintenance

Trees are great! except when you have to clean up the mess they make when the leaves fall.  Leaves left sitting on top of your lawn can deprive the grass of sunlight, and water.  Luckily, Savannah Eco Mowing can help.  Here are some tips for handling leaves in an eco-friendly manner.

Mulch Them Up

For many yards, going over the lawn with a mulching mower periodically while leaves are falling is a great way to keep them from negatively affecting the lawn, while keeping your yard looking neat.  It is also beneficial for both the environment and the grass. Because the leaves stay on your property it saves space in landfills, there are no emissions created transporting them. The mulched leaves also become a natural fertilizer for the lawn as the small pieces work their way into the soil pretty quickly, helping to reduce compaction and providing organic material to the soil.

Make Compost

Leaves are great for making compost, you can compost them in a compost bin, or make a pile.  Click here for more Composting Tips

Use Paper 

If you are bagging your leaves, be sure to use biodegradable paper bags, not plastic.  They are inexpensive and can be found in most hardware or gardening stores.