Quiet lawn maintenance is good for your health

One of the advantages of electric lawn equipment is that it is significantly less noisy than gas.  It is not uncommon for our customers to comment on how quiet the equipment is, or just ask “Is that thing on?” While this is great for people who are trying to nap or listen to music or TV while we are mowing, there are also health benefits associated with the quiet environment that you and your neighbors can share.

The main problem people associate with loud noise that comes from commercial lawn equipment is hearing loss. This is a concern for the workers operating the equipment, and they usually must wear some form of hearing protection to avoid damaging their ears, unless they work for a company that uses electric equipment, such as Savannah Eco Mowing

While you yourself are unlikely do develop hearing loss from the noisy gas equipment your lawn service uses to mow your lawn, hearing loss is not the only negative health effect associated with noise. Studies show that there are direct links between noise and health.  Among the health problems noise can contribute to are stress related illnesses, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, hypertension, cardiac disease and ulcers. It can also effect your life in other negative ways, such as speech interference, sleep disruption, and lost productivity.

So when choosing who you want to maintain your lawn, you can decide not to contribute to the din of lawn equipment in your neighborhood, and instead help create a quiet, healthy environment by choosing Savannah Eco Mowing.