Benefits Of Organic Fertilizer

An important aspect of lawn care is deciding how to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing lawns organically, like we do at Savannah Eco Mowing, requires a different approach and a different set of expectations than a chemical treatment program. This is not to say that organic fertilizers do not work as well, in fact in many ways they work better, but that organic fertilizers function differently than chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilization can include grass clippings left on the lawn when mowing, mulched leaves, or organic fertilizer products. The organic material gets broken down by microorganisms in the soil which then release nutrients that the grass needs. Chemical fertilizers on the other hand supply the lawn directly with the nutrients.

As you might expect, lawns respond to a chemical fertilizer application occur more quickly than an organic fertilizer. The down side is that this makes the lawn grow very fast, requiring more watering, and more mowing. The nutrients are also used up more quickly, meaning your lawn will need more frequent applications. Over time soil treated with chemical fertilizers can become depleted of organic matter and beneficial microorganisms, which play an important role in developing a truly healthy lawn. A chemically treated lawn that lacks organic matter and microorganisms can become more compacted and less able to hold nutrients, making environmentally dangerous run-off from chemical treatment more likely.

The process that happens when a lawn is treated with organic fertilizer is a little different. As the microorganisms break down the organic material from the fertilizer, they release nutrients into the soil, supplying the lawn with a slow, steady supply of the things it needs to grow. Over time the soil will have a higher and healthier level of microorganisms. This soil that is rich in organic matter and microorganisms is able to hold more water and nutrients in the soil, and the roots of your lawn will become deeper and healthier. The end result is a lawn that is healthier and more drought resistant, requires fewer fertilizer treatments, needs less mowing, and looks great.

Although chemical fertilizers have been commonly used in lawn care for a long time and have the advantage of producing almost immediate results, with a little patience and knowledge about how organic fertilizers work, organic lawns can actually be healthier and easier to maintain. It also doesn’t hurt that they are safe for kids and pets, and won’t harm the environment.