Our Approach To Lawn Care

Cleaner, Quieter, Safer

There is plenty of information available about the benefits of a natural lawn care system, some of which can be found on our resource page.  This is a brief overview of the things that make our service better for you and the environment.

Less Air Pollution – With the help of electric battery powered mowers, edgers, trimmers, even reel mowers, we drastically cut the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere when mowing your lawn.

Less Noise Pollution – Not only good for the environment, our electric mowers, trimmers and blowers are also 50-70% quieter than their gas counterparts. So when Savannah Eco Mowing cuts your grass, you are helping to create a more peaceful atmosphere for you and your neighbors.

Chemical Free – Our organic lawn treatment system uses only fertilizers and weed control that are completely safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

A Healthier, More Sustainable Lawn – Our techniques work together to help cultivate a lawn that is naturally healthy.   Methods used by typical lawn care companies can lead to shallow root growth. Our methods promote deeper root growth, which creates lawns that are more drought resistant and require less watering and maintenance.