Lawn Care and Savannah, GA Home Values

One advantage to hiring a lawn care service in Savannah, GA, is the positive effect on home value. Anyone who’s looked into buying or selling a home recently knows that there are a lot of properties for buyers to choose from. Curb appeal, or lack thereof, can be the deciding factor in whether or not prospective buyers even look at your home’s interior. Hiring a lawn care service to help maintain your yard is a good way to boost your home’s appeal. But whether you want to sell, have recently bought a home, or just want to stay put, having a lawn care service such as Savannah Eco Mowing maintain your yard not only saves you time, but is an investment in your home.

Updating Kitchens and Bathrooms is usually what people think will increase their home value the most. What many people do not realize is that a well maintained lawn and landscape can dramatically boost your homes curb appeal, and home value along with it. According to the “Husqvarna Global Gardening Report 2011”, landscaping can add up to 18 percent to your homes value. It also estimated a $1.8 return for every dollar spent on landscaping and lawn care, and that is a good investment in any type of market. Though there are many reasons people hire lawn care and landscaping services, having Savannah Eco Mowing maintain your yard is not just an investment in the environment and community that will reduce air, water and noise pollution, clearly it is also an investment in your home.

Although the last few years have been pretty tough on the real estate market in the US, and Savannah, GA is no exception, keeping your lawn well maintained by Savannah Eco Mowing is an investment in your home, your community, and the environment that you can feel good about.